Quatuor Beat


Four percussionists, four percussion keyboards, four drums, several dozens of drumsticks … instruments that are stricken, hit, tapped, caressed, shaken, waved, scratched, rubbed… Virtuoso sticks that transfigure the melodies, drums make rhythm with everything: jazz, gypsy, or afro-brazilian … A madly energetic, scholarly and funny mix, which goes from contemporary music to traditional music.

Winners of several international competitions (Gaetano Zinetti in Verona, Italy, Europeennes d’Alsace in Illzach, France …), Gabriel Benlolo, Laurent Fraiche, Jérôme Guicherd and Hervé Trovel perform their own arrangements, creations, compositions and original pieces in a mixture of gestures and sounds that transform the chamber music concert into a real show!

They occur all over the world (Europe, United States and Asia), preaching the magic of percussion from a new angle; « Le Spectacle » in 2007 then ‘”Kromoritmos” in 2012 and “Chuuut” in 2018 directed by Pierre-Jean Carrus, « Drumblebee » winner of YAMA in Belgium, Junge Ohren and YEAh Awards in Germany, directed by Daniel Tanson.

These last two shows have been produced by Luxembourg Philharmonie.

Quatuor Beat plays on Bergerault and Sabian instruments and Resta-Jay sticks.

Since 2009 it is based at the Léo Delibes Music Conservatory of Clichy la Garenne.

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Quatuor de percussions