Herve Trovel

Born in Saint-Brieuc, in a family of traditional Breton musicians and classical formation, Hervé Trovel began percussion at age eight. This choice already corresponds to his desire to taste all styles of music. He entered the National Conservatory of Music in Paris in 1998 and obtained two first prizes unanimously for percussion and chamber music. His taste for contemporary creation led him to participate in many projects, particularly with the Ensemble Intercontemporain, and enabled him to work with composer and conductor Pierre Boulez.

At the same time Hervé is passionate about the orchestra and in particular the historical interpretations by his meeting with Marie Ange Petit (specialist of the old percussion). He studies with him the practice of timbales and baroque percussions, and becomes a member of his ensemble “Modules Percussion and the” Orchestra of the Champs Elysees. “Timbalier at the” Circle of Harmony “then at” Concert de la Lodge “directed by Julien Chauvin, he is invited in the orchestras playing on instruments of classical and romantic epochs (” Revolutionary and Romantic Orchestra, The Centuries, The Concerto Köln …), as well as many baroque ensembles: Les Talents lyriques, le Harmonic Poem, The Spiritual Concert, and finally Les Arts Florissants directed by W. Christie with whom he has the chance to collaborate regularly since 2015.

Hervé Trovel is an independent and versatile musician, percussionist and timpanist, and regularly performs with the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, the Opéra National de Paris, the Toulouse National Orchestra and the Lille National Orchestra.

Hervé is also a member since its creation in 2012 of the “Paris Percussion Group”, an exceptional project bringing together an orchestra of 12 Percussionists and the Quatuor Beat.

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