Chuuut (Trailer) But what happens after a percussion concert?


At night, instruments, objects, lights and strange characters take over the stage. Funny and poetic, always virtuosos, they decide to make the show.

But what does the guardian of the theater do? But where has the Quatuor Beat  gone?

It’s a secret: chuuut…

Great musical works (Reich, Khatchaturian, Tchaikovsky, Bach and Vivaldi… ) and more unexpected works…

Chopsticks, drums, keyboards, hands, eyes, spotlights, funny characters playing music and dancing.

The Quatuor Beat  invites us into a supernatural world where instruments, objects and music come to life…

A show for all audiences

What is a concert: musicians, their virtuoso hands, a stage, props, composers, objects that sound, so many instruments from which both the melody and the show are born.

Behind a dreamlike tale that will also please children, this show is a pretext for the decomposition of the concert into all its ingredients and asks the question: can we see the music? In this show will appear and reveal the musical composition itself, its rhythm, its movements, the objects that are struck to make them resonate, the hands and even the costumes and accessories of the musicians.

A scholarly but playful and poetic dissection of what makes music, from composition to play.

And paradoxically, if the performers of the Quartet, extraordinary virtuosos, achieve here an exceptional performance of playing, they fade behind the music to give it all the place on the stage, to give it to see as never before.

Chuuut makes the musicians disappear to make the music appear or reappear, differently.

Seeing to hearbetter, this is the whole promise of this amazing show.

And there is no age to feel this emotion.

MUSICAL REPERTOIREAntonio [1678 – 1751] Vivaldi (Transcription Quatuor Beat) Summer (3rd movement) from the Four Seasons  

Quatuor Beat  Tchiki Tchika  

Nebojsa-Jovan Zivkovic [1962 – ] Trio per uno  

Piotr-Ilich Tchaikovsky [1840 – 1893] (Transcription Quatuor Beat )Dance of the Fairy Dragée,from Nutcracker

Steve Reich [1936 – ]Music for pieces of wood (excerpt)

Quatuor Beat Clapamerica  

Jean-Sebastian Bach [1685 – 1750] (Transcription Quatuor Beat) Ricercare, from theMusical Offering (excerpt)

Josef and Johann [1825 – 1899] Strauss II (Transcription Quatuor Beat) Pizzicato Polka

Julie Davila [1965 – ] Stool Pigeon

Quatuor Beat Kromo-Jungle

Aram Khatchaturian [1903 – 1978] (Transcription Quatuor Beat)            The Sword Dance,from Gayaneh

Quatuor de percussions