The latest creation of Quatuor Beat, offers a wildly energetic, scholarly journey
and funny, from contemporary music to traditional music. Four artists zigzag with malice
between the marimba, the vibraphone and the drums, for an escape in colors (chromos) and rhythms
(ritmos) in the vast world of percussion – a universe populated by wooden instruments, skins,
or chrome surfaces, which are hit, caressed, shaken, scratched… What do they have in common? The sovereign tempo (“beat”),
and colors that often surprise and always amaze.


Directed by Pierre-Jean Carrus and lighting design Moise Hill

Omphalo Centric Lecture Nigel Westlake
Variations to a Tune by Paganini   Witold Lutoslawski
Ausencia  Goran Bregovic
Waltz for Nicky   Richard Galliano
Chamade suite    Igor Lesnik
La Muerte del Angel   Astor Piazzolla
West side story     Léonard Bernstein
Duj Sandal/Bubamara   Goran Bregovic

All arrangements by Quatuor Beat

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Quatuor de percussions