Click'n DRUMS

Four gentlemen enter, turn on – click – the light, and put down – poum – their suitcases; until then everything would be almost normal, if there were not so many – clap clap tchac – rhythms in their hands and so much music lit – click – in their heads…

You will have been warned. These four gentlemen do not hold in place and make music with everything they touch. Virtuosity, poetry and humor, without any complexes. – Gentlemen, come in!Light! And… music

See the teaser:

Collective creation

Quatuor Beat : percussion and acting

Gabriel Benlolo

Laurent Fraiche

Jerome Guicherd

Hervé Trovel

Pierre-Jean Carrus: director

Hélène Gustin Theatrical play and movements

Fabienne Desflèches costumes and accessories

Moses Hill: Lights, props and staging assistance

Musical direction: Quatuor Beat

Duration: 50-55 minutes

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Quatuor de percussions