Click'n DRUMS

Click'n Drums
Click'n Drums is a wordless story about 4 strange travelers.
Who are they? Where do they come from? What are the links between them?
It's a mystery but some clues appear during the show…

A man with glasses who looks like a chef, a gaffer always late, a dandy a little silly and a strange mischievous …

Everyone wants to steal the glasses and be the chef!
A battle to get the precious glasses, symbol of power begins…

The musical show will tell a story with a repertoire in a very original interpretation.
Everything moves, runs, dances, applauds… even the public!

Let the music enter you with Bach, Tchaikovsky, Mickey Katz, Matyas Wettl, Elliot Cole and Quatuor Beat!


See the teaser:

Collective creation

The Beat Quartet: percussion and playing

Gabriel Benlolo

Laurent Fraiche

Jerome Guicherd

Hervé Trovel

Pierre-Jean Carrus: director

Hélène Gustin Theatrical play and movements

Fabienne Desflèches costumes and accessories

Moses Hill: Lights, props and staging assistance

Musical direction: Beat Quartet

Duration: 50-55 minutes

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